About AAPV'S Services

AAPV will offer the full range of services sought by its clients. Service offerings are designed to insure that AAPV's clients realize their God given potential to develop a quality product. AAPV will work with whomever to see them develop and refine their literary, artistic or creative work. But, they must keep it clean. Their work can be their poems, their songs, their spoken words or their written words. But, it must have integrity and have some substance and socially redeeming value. To insure that my prospective clients are clear about what they might published or produce facilitated by AAPV I will now exercise my poetic license for enlightenment. In a sense I have adopted the Home Depot Logo of You Can Do It, We Can Help. Consider the below eight line poem for enlightenment.

AAPV Welcomes you, AAPV Welcome One and All
Your artistry can be Rap or Traditional American
It can be Free Style, R & B or the Spoken Word
Or it can be a Shakespearean sonnet or Rastafarian

AAPV however does not welcome your work if it is
Garbled verbiage that is vulgar and gender degrading
Verbiage obsessing with the 'N' word and 'B' word
Bent on promoting criminal and anti-social behavior

Under my comedic name of 'Plug-In' my spoken words and poems have been known to hold my audiences spellbound because I connect music with the poetic artistry expressed; artistry some say is akin to today's R & B and Rap. But, as hard hitting and hilarious as "Plug-In" readings might appear, I keep it clean. Plug-In readings are unpublished to date. In the near future I will be releasing on my website some of the readings under 'Plug-In'. Stay tuned for two Plug-In readings. "You've Been Done" and "F.U. Think" are full of surprises. Future plans are underway to combine my Plug-In readings with my AAPV Ensemble of Actors performing and instrumentals. Perhaps me on piano.

Basic Services Offered by AAPV Publishing and Entertainment, LLC

*Proof Reading & Evaluating *Marketing
*Live Performance Promotion *CD Development
*Graphic Design *Photo Shoots
*Actor’s Coaching *Video Production
*Consultative Services (varied)*Wardrobe/Make-up
*Event Planning *Agency Representation