AAPV Publishing and Entertainment LLC desires to partner with established and budding artist, writers and performers passionate about their artistic pursuits. We at AAPV are committed and will provide Interns workshops to develop their skills, Internships and scholarship assistance

AAPV list among its goals disseminating validated useful and helpful information. AAPV historical perspectives will be developed to instill pride, promote the pursuit of excellence and inspire those proven worthy an opportunity to achieve their God given potential. AAPV will keep its literary and artist works real and substantive so that the readers and viewers are both entertained and enlightened.

AAPV Associates" Partners and Partnerships will be inclusive, so all are welcomed. In reading "Inspirational Poems", my second book be mindful that the substance of the poem "TRUTH" is a constant reminder that we all have a testimony.

AAPV to date have received positive feedback from my readers, from my critics and the below groups. My readers have acknowledged the substantive messages contained in the poem stories and manner in which prose and the poetic presentation has been developed. Below are listed a few of those providing positive feedback.

AAPV believes that the absence or lack of the aforementioned translates into the expression that the people of the world suffer from the lack of knowledge.

AAPV Associates’ Partners and Partnerships are not limited to the below. You need only read the Poem ‘TRUTH’ for affirmation.


Inter-Denominational Groups:Read the poem ‘Fellowship’, ‘Intercessory Prayer God Hears’ and the entire book .
International Groups:Cited among their favorites Intercessory Prayers" and True Believers" and so on.
Church Pastors & Ministers:Cited among their favorites A Tribute to Bishop Sheals", Intercessory Prayers & so on
Colleges, Universities & Schools:Cited in particular School n You" , Friendship" and so on.
Youths, Young Adults & Elders:Read: The Stages of Christian Growth and yes read the entire book twice
Co-Worshippers, Read: The entire book twice
Youths, Young Adults and Elders: Cited in particular Letís Talk is favored given its contemporary rap like poetic spin. Elders in particular liked Home Going of a Loved One","The Stages of Christian Growth" and the Poem Story entitled Where Is God When the Tempest is Raging" reflecting on Katrina.

AAPV Welcome your comments and commentary. Please email us.