About John's Published and Unpublished Work

AAPV is delighted to announce the availability of John's second authored book.' entitled 'Inspirational Poems of Faith – Reflection' that is now available. 'A Poetic Glimpse of Africa' is also available. Place book order via email at jodvs7@bellsouth.net or remit payment to AAPV Publishing & Entertainment, LLC. Address: P. O. Box 2015 Stone Mountain, Georgia 30086. Telephone your book(s) order and leave your order message on 770/ 808-1619. Bar Code Price is $14.95 on the book back cover.

There has been an overwhelming demand to date for book II because the messages relate to often controversial lifestyle issues ;issues and concerns many of us are reluctant to discuss. I recommend reading and re-reading Part II. I suggest that you read the first 10 pages of Inspirational Poems of Faith – Reflection , then read "Let's Talk" and thereafter towards the end of the book read "Wo-Man I Am An Anomaly." Thereafter read from beginning to end.

Among my readers noted favorites in chronological order found in 'Inspirational Poems of Faith-Reflections' are 'Happy Birthday Betty' and 'If Only You Knew' which are my testimonials. Also are testimonial you must read;'Generational Blessings', 'Generational Differences' and 'God's Perfect Will and God's Permissive Will'. Old Testament Scholars and New Testament Scholars alike will find the messages compelling. Plans are underway for release to schools, universities and ministries.

My first book was published in 2002 by 1st Books Publishing Company now named AuthorHouse. A Poetic Glimpse of Africa has been in circulation for eight years and has been well received both in the States and overseas. Three books are in the making and will be published under AAPV this year. The substantive story poems (originally slated to have been novels)a novel) are all based on my first hand experiences and observations while serving in Foreign Service between 1978 and 1980 when deployed in Liberia, West Africa. Employed as the Program Director for the Opportunities Industrialization Centers International, Incorporated (OIC/A) founded by the late Dr. Leon Howard Sullivan. The Program which I directed was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The Program involved administering OIC's National and International based employment and training program and technical skills transfer programs; programs essential and vital to Developing Host Country's growth and development. The program mirrors what is needed in Haiti. My second book I released in December of 2007 ,'Inspirational Poems of Faith – Reflections' is guaranteed to challenge my readers core beliefs and values; it has scripture based poems in Part I and in Part II right now or very hip contemporary messages based on our lifestyle indulgences. The short book entitled 'You Can Do It' very short with photographs has massed appeal because it guides you through the process of designing and sewing your window coverings, door coverings, seat coverings and so on while you save thousands ($1,000.00) of dollars. On the horizon are three novel 'A Poetic Glimpse of Africa Revisited', 'Chop Down The (Bigotry) Big Ole Tree' and 'From Sharecropper to CEO Shareholder. Seven Successful African American Corporate Executive Officers (acronym being SSAACEO) is the final book in the works.