My travels throughout the world are reflected in my writings. When you read in Book II entitled 'Inspirational Poems of Faith Reflections' "Life Is But A Dramatic Act" you will see that my poetic writings date back to High School when I attended Overbrook High School in Philadelphia. I holds degrees in Business Administration (BS), Human Resources Management (MS) and attended Temple University School of Law as a Juris Doctorate candidate..Growing up in Philadelphia I completed my Secondary Education and Post Secondary Education. I pursued my Undergraduate and Graduate studies at Temple University and received my Masters from the University of Utah. My careers spanning several decades involved Federal Civil Service, Military Service and varied careers in Corporate America. In Corporate America I worked as a Tax Consultant, Internal Auditor, Consulting Accountant, and NASD Licensed Securities Dealer with The Prudential. As a Corporate Executive and Director I served as Operations Director, Executive Director and Fiscal Director in both the Public and Private Corporate Sector.

The aforementioned career involvements notwithstanding, I served as the Treasurer/CEO and Financial Director for J & B Sales & Service, Incorporated in Philadelphia. I served in this capacity for more than (24) twenty four years. With a relentless passion for my music and literary writing interest I succeeded in becoming an accomplished pianist having studied classical music for some 15 years. I have delighted listening audiences over the years with my piano virtuosos in the States and abroad in the Caribbean, Brazil, Africa and in Europe. I retired from my Civil Service job in 2007. I now devote my time to publishing my authored books and plans are underway to expand my publishing company' offered services. Immediate future plans include establishing for my premier publishing company an AAPV Ensemble of actors and performers who will perform and bring to life with stellar performances some of the poem stories during readings. Published and in distribution to date are the following books. 'A Poetic Glimpse of Africa' is now in circulation since 2002. With me you journey back during my two years tour in Africa The second book released in December of 2007 continues to be well received and I am scheduled for some media appearances. "Inspirational Poems of Faith Reflections" is guaranteed to challenge my readers' core beliefs and values. In Part I by design some phenomenal photographs compliment the readings. My readings by design connect my readers with Old Testament and New Testament scriptures. Book Three (3) mentioned earlier guides you through the process of designing and sewing your window coverings, door coverings, seat coverings and so on and save thousands ($1,000.00) of dollars.I did it and save and you can save also. On the horizon are three novel. They are "A Poetic Glimpse of Africa Revisited", "Chop Down The (Bigotry) Big Ole Tree" and "From Sharecropper to CEO Shareholder". In the Future SSAACEO noted below.