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WELCOME to AAPV Publishing and Entertainment, LLC. AAPV is a Limited Liability Corporation committed to assist aspiring writers, poets, performers and budding artists. John before relocating from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Atlanta, Georgia in November of 1999 was a Career Civil Service employee and he concurrently served as the Treasurer and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of J & B Sales & Service, Inc. At J & B Sales & Service John managed corporate financial affairs and administrative affairs for more than twenty four years. J & B Sales & Service was dissolved in 1999 pursuant to the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority's Declaration of Taking.

Launching AAPV Publishing was not a corporate first for John. J & B Sales & Service, Inc's. operations involved the sale, service and repair of televisions, audio-visual electronic items and a range of electronic products. J & B Sales & Service served the Philadelphia community for more than twenty four years forward of May 1975 as an incorporated entity. In August of 1999 the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) in a move to expand the Transit System filed a Declaration of Taking and acquired the several buildings owned by J & B Sales & Service, Inc. The SEPTA buyout legally dismantled the business wherein John's brother Joseph J & B Sales & Service' President and Owner-Operator and Founder retired and relocated to Maryland. Shortly thereafter John a tenured Career Civil Service employee accepted a Federal Directorship position in Atlanta where he currently resides.

John retired from Federal Service in March of 2007 and now devotes his full time to self publishing and managing the affairs of AAPV Publishing & Entertainment, LLC. John's first book (Book I) "A Poetic Glimpse of Africa" published by authorHOUSE in 2002 received both National and International recognition. Both books can be purchased directly from AAPV. The second book authored and published by John is entitled "Inspirational Poems of Faith-Reflections." It can be purchased directly from AAPV. The captivating Poem-Stories flow like a novel and are guaranteed to intrigue, educate and enlighten its readers with its Bible and scripture based redemptive messages in Part I. You will be delighted by the compelling contemporary messages and very hip substantive messages in Part II. The substantive messages connect chronologically and will challenge the core beliefs of whoever reads "Inspirational Poems of Faith-Reflections."

Stay tuned. There will be ongoing website releases and public appearance readings of the poem-stories authored by John under Plug-In. AAPV's Ensemble of Actors and Performers will be performing during future readings. The Ensemble will bring to life poems such as "Sweet Ting", "Tribal Medicine" and so on from Book I "A Poetic Glimpse of Africa". In a similar vein you will be delighted if not overwhelmed with the readings and Ensemble's performances planned for "Let's Talk" and Wo-Man I Am An Anomaly" found in Inspirational Poems.